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Hyderabad, May 23, (
Most of the basic treatment at the time of emergency is due to an ambulance absence from time to time due to traffic. However, the state government has made two wheeler ambulances available on January 17 this year. The first round of the carrier has been made available to 38 Two Wheeler ambulances. But initially there was no response to their services. The basic treatment is available only for those who have two wheeler driving along with the technician. Technicians also do not have much interest in the ambulance as they leave city traffic. People who are at the start are also away from this job and people are far away from the services of these ambulances. Early in the beginning, only ambulances were handed over to ambulances, but now it has been reported that medical cases are also handed over. 


Their services will only be available from 8 am to 8pm. When the victims call 108, the two-wheeler ambulance near the killer arrives there and the technician provides basic treatment. Subsequently, 108 vehicle migrants reach the spot and migrate to the local hospitals for treatment. But, two wheeler ambulances do not give any results. By the time the incident could not reach the place. In recent years, these services are still visible. The ambulance services that have been set up by the government are aimed at providing immediate medical care to people during the emergency. These ambulances do not give much results since the beginning. People are reluctant to believe that they are not in a hurry to provide information during the time of trouble. In many areas the two wheeler ambulances are unavailable because they are not available. They are unable to cope with emergency. People want to see how the services are timely to respond.

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