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With Smart Phones a to z

Warangal, December 27, ( the use of smartphones, the elders are also engaged in social service as a platform for advancing various service and emergency situations. Watsup, Facebook App Fun activities, such as emergency services and emergency services, are operated by a smartphone in the palm. Blood services, financials, hospital stay in the hospital, reach orphanages, and donations to provide services to many services. Anand, a medical reporter, was in Bangalore for training. The younger brother in Hyderabad was hit by a road accident, and he came to get a phone call. The mother in Khammam phoned her to make a quick arrangement for her to go to him ... and she was so disturbed that she could not do what was near him. It was a lightning-like thought. He posted a message in the Friends Group to contact someone who was in the car in Khammam in Hyderabad. This resulted in exclusive response from their respective groups. A friend named Ramu immediately sent Anand to me to bring his family to Khammam when he was in Hyderabad. Anand is okay .. That mother timely reached the hospital in Hyderabad. Anand is looking at Kiran in the accident of Lakshmi Road from Bengaluru. Daggerundi was able to perform medicine. In addition to helping Anand, he was able to bring his parents in the house carefully to the house. The smartphone has settled down to two families. When you get a smart phone, you can easily find a variety of services through just booking. The easiest way to get door delivery from the shop is to get through the social media if they have the message that they want to go to places not moving around the shops for every little purpose. It offers a lot of comfort. Many people have information about the deaths and family members who died in their home. It is now a new concept that has been revealed by social media through social media. The culture that goes on the door and leaves is almost diminished. With only one invitation magazine in social media, hundreds of people are aware of the time, but it's time to save money. Social media is not limited to private programs. Government officials are also utilizing ground level information. Survey report by a village level officer in the remote region has been sent to district level officials. District Superintendents have been informed by their social networks to be able to hold public meetings within a few hours. One of the key officials of the mainstream commenter said, "This is a disadvantage of not knowing the information is being reached simultaneously to all members of the same group.

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