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March 2,(
In Syria, the horrific murderer is cultivated. Wherever the sight the infants, the women, and the victims of the war, soldiers the Eastern Gate of the war-throughout the war-ravaged gauta city became an earthquake of the foothold. Bashar al-Assad became the death toll from a fierce dominant struggle between government forces and anti-government rebels. Seven hundred civilians, including more than two hundred children, were killed during the week by Assad government forces to recover Gate in rebel grounds. Thousands were injured. The rebels are using the civilian population as human shields, and the people are being victimized by government forces on the territory of the country that is inhuman. Government forces have faced a fierce attack on the city as all anti-government forces in Gaza have concentrated in many areas in Syria. The war or civil war is not as a masculine. 


The battle is the bloodiest activity that eradicates one another from the various social forces for royal dominance. However, creating a bloodbath on people who are easy targets cannot be a martial law. The relationship between the martial nature and the antagonistic forces of the people, depending on the political perspectives of each other (communal, religious, and ethnic) For the armed forces that are usually associated with the working class  perspective, the armed forces working for them will be targeted by the working class combatants, the people or supporters who support themselves as the enemy of ethnic or religious or dominant forces. The Civil War then becomes a fierce communal or racist massacre. There is no doubt that the strength of the war in Syria will benefit people, but the war does not condemn the two sides for showing earthly hell in the name of war. The international community has responded seriously to the lack of value for the lives of four million people trapped in the ghetto city of the Gaddafi city. In the face of armed civil war, armed forces with the people are not enough to question only the civil or human rights scene. Public restrictions on civil society movements will fall under civilian rights. The demand for the rights of the country/region population as the foundation of the same two armed forces  (armed conflict) or the use of chemicals, nuclear / dump bomb / nuclear bombers Will have to do. Guatemala, which is the capital city of Syria's Damascus, was under government control in 2013.

Thousands of militants who died in the Syrian attacks in the rest of the country, have joined the common people and entered the city of Gauda. By 2017, Gautam Nagar came to the rebels. The lives of the people of Hrir Alsham, Al-Ra'mman Leigiyan, and Jouz al-Islam have often been associated with mutual dominance, and the deaths of the state forces became life-threatening. It is crucial for the government forces to capture the city of Gautama, which is about a hundred square kilometers [10 km] away from Damascus. Assad government armies continue to carry out fierce bombing attacks with the direct cooperation of Russia signed by the United Nations Security Council to "immediately implement the ceasefire agreement in Syria". As the attacks continue to occur during 'five hours of the day', the Gautama warriors are drunk in the battlefield. The American allies have a series of media articles that are helping the rebels behind the scenes, despite serious condemnation of the Syrian-Russia atrocities. Geo-dominated political death today is heading to Syria. Public movements have been called 'Arab Spring' against the Nirma Kusha kingdoms, which have long been governed in the Middle East in 2011. 

The process of peaceful protest against the Assad regime in Syria was violently oppressed. The peaceful protests that began to break away from the Assad government gradually led the armed struggle with US-led Nato Coalition. The Civil War in Syria is continuous between many gangs. Many gangs are fighting each other, as the Syrian government and its allies are 'Free Syrian Army', Islamic State of Iraq and Levant (ISIL or ISIS - Islamic State), armed masters of border countries in support of government/rebels. Iran, Russia, and Hezbollah are working in support of the Assad government. Since the beginning of the Russian air raids against rebels since 2015, the humanitarian crisis in Syria has gradually reached an uncertain future. On the other hand, the US military forces are also air strikes on government military bases, aiming to overthrow the pro-Russian Assad regime, not only on the Islamic State militia's bases but also by the United Nations peace talks since 2017 to zero in the civil war. The global economy that has been operating since 2008

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