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Complete Kaleshwaram in twenty months Ending Harish Rao's two-day tour          Harish Rao is satisfied with the works

Hyderabad January 22 (WAY2NEWSTV.IN):
Irrigation Minister Harish Rao's two-day Kaleswara project tour ended on Sunday night. He was satisfied with the progress of the work of Kaleswara. The state governor traveled from the morning to evening from Saturday to evening and held a series of visits and review meetings from Saturday evening till Sunday night. On Saturday night, the Kaleshwaram package 6, 7, 8 works, especially the tunnel excavations and reviewed their progress on the site. On Sunday morning, Goliwada, Suniriya and Pandu House reviewed the progress of work.

Complete Kaleshwaram in twenty months Ending Harish Rao's two-day tour          Harish Rao is satisfied with the work

On Sunday evening, Rameswaram Pannapuram House was reviewed by the representatives of Irrigation Engineers and Agencies on Kaleshwaram. Harish Rao said that he would be able to compete in the twenty months of the month. Chief Minister KCR is only able to achieve forestry and environmental clearances. CW also said that there is no availability of water at the hats. Harish Rao said that the CMCR has been selected for the ceremony. So, June and July, he said, "We are working hard to complete the dam and the dam will be completed by the end of 2018," Harish Rao said. Modern technology is being used in the works of KaleshvaraProject. The Minister said two and a half lakh cement bags are used for the day. Kanne Pappi - Annaaram's approach to the Arock was examined on Sunday. The agency has been ordered to complete the canal by May next year. This project will be completed by the end of the 125 km long water for 365 days. Road bridges are being constructed with the standards of national highways on Saunders, Anna and Maidy Dam dam. Harish Rao said that proposals are being made to set up small-scale lubrication schemes that will be used for the districts of Bhopalapalli, Peddapalli and Madurai districts. The project was completed in Kannampally Pump House on Sunday evening for completion of the project and the second phase of forest clearance scheme for the small Kaleswaram lift scheme. Minister Harish Rao said that the lines of the Paddapalli district would be changed with the Kaleshwaram project.

It is going to be a complete development of the entire assembly constituency with SRSP, Kaleshwaram, Minor Kaleswaram and Manthani Lift schemes. Kaleshwara is a great tourist destination. The growth of the industry is due to the livelihood of many people. Minister Harish Rao said the development of the sailing will be done with the small Kaleshwaram lift at 40 thousand acres of water in Manthani, he said, "Shabash Harish," the state governor Narasimhan praised. Minister Narasimhan visited the Annaram and Sunnis barrages, including the main Pamphuhuju. Ministerial Harish Rao's performance was done by the governor of TATA and his labor, as well as the irrigation rampampa, the building of the Kalesvaram project and the results of the minister's awareness and gratification. The minister praised the shoulder. Hari Rao said, "We are surprised at the empowerment, self-confidence, and commitment of Harish Rao," he said, adding that the plans and implementation of the Godavari, which is about 125 km away with the Kalshvaram project, will change the life of Telangana people. Harish explained to the Governor that Kaleshwaram is compelled to build India's irrigation projects. , Parugulupedutundi. If the spirit of the farmers is KCR, the minister said that Kaleshwara is a soul of the people of Telangana. Kaleswara is the only refuge for preventing farmer suicides in the TDP. Narasimhan was stunned by the three barrages, the three pump houses, the gravity canal constructions, the thousands of workers and the sound of the machine. He learned about the problems of the project, the electricity, the TMCC, the motors, the pumps and the climax schedules. Harish Rao reminded us that Telangana state was fighting with the demand for 'water, funding, and recruitment'. Harish Rao said that KCR has gone ahead with the aim of development of crops and irrigation. 18.8 lakhs acres of stabilization and another 18 lakh acres in addition to their efforts to bring in cultivation. The Minister carefully illustrated the governor's calculation, saying that the works are being completed in line with water from Elampalli to Midmanaru. Officials said the department had set up to start motors. The most crucial package-8 in the Pumpahooj, the governor had also ordered the authorities to arrange a heavy motor driver. A large lift scheme, each of which has the capacity to lift 600 cusecs of water. After passing water from Elampalli, the reservoirs will come to the reservoir on the Gravity and the elevator will be lifted with seven motors 124 MW from the reservoir.

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