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Hyderabad,February 10,(
In Tamil Nadu, the Tamil heroes come to the roads if they get angry in support of Jallikattu. Supporting the Tamil people. Do we have a little lesson? Our Telugu heroes have been tweeted to support Jallikattu as we know that we have a big fan of Tamil people. Some media came forward and spoke. Is there a Tamil market for our Rajinikanth, Kamal Haasan, Vikram, Surya and Karthi in Tamil? I do not see that. 


Many said that since childhood grew largely in Madras and Tamilnadu, the Tamil people were respected and supported by the sentiments of the Tamil people. In support of neighboring neighbors, there is nothing wrong in declaring solidarity. But if the fire is burning, the fire engine will call the word ... God does not even try to hold a bucket of water. That is not the same thing for the five crore Andhra people. In the Lok Sabha, Telugu Desam MP, who is a part of the government on the injustice of AP in the Union Budget, was silently confronted by Gillai Jayadev. The BJP government has taken a package of special status. Accordingly, is the budget allocated? That is not. There is no proper answer from the Modi government. The people of Andhra Pradesh are angry about these developments. Movements in social media are doing. 

Telugu heroes do not breathe in support of them or the injustice done to AP. There are not at least one tweet or video byte. The main source of income for Telugu heroes is acting. Star status was recognized globally throughout the country because of acting in Telugu cinema. Who's ok? Something? Half of every rupee earned by Telugu heroes is a symbol of the audience of Andhra Pradesh audience. Do not you understand the anger of such people or the Telugu heroes? Or are they just small compared to Tamils? Why do not our Telugu heroes open the issue of Andhra Pradesh? So far Pawan Kalyan and young hero Nikhil have responded to this issue. Pawan is in politics and the hero category does not count. And Nikhil is the only one who has been quoted. Mahesh Babu, Prabhas, NTR, Ram Charan, Allu Arjun, Ravi Teja What do you mean to understand their silence? Whatever the heroes should remember one thing. People are watching everything. Tasmat Beware!

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