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Hyderabad, March 23, (
BJP strategy to target the Chandrababu And Lokesh. The BJP leaders are blowing the blame on AP CM Chandrababu, who hit him without political revenge. These strategies are drawn to the clear directions from the High Court to prepare strategies for the purpose of weakening the TDP. With the reorganization of the constituencies on the other side, the constituencies in the constituencies are not likely to fall off. Besides, some seniors are in despair that they do not have a preference for the party. Now the BJP leaders are planning on these plans. The BJP leaders are determined to fight against AP CM Chandrababu and his son Lokesh in the course of time. First of all, Chandrababu has been intent on pressing against his family and pressure on other key leaders. The news is reported to be ready to attack him in all possible ways in trying to get rid of Babu because he is strongly committed to implementing the guarantees. As a part of them ... it is a strategy for him and his family to file corruption cases. Another strategy is to register cases against government officials. It is reported that the sector has been prepared to take up cases against those responsible for the implementation of the government's allegations of corruption in the implementation of the government. We are trying to bring the key leaders of the party to the BJP to weaken the TDP. 


The sources say that their plan is to include senior leaders, ministers, MLAs and MLAs in the party, who are unhappy with Chandrababu. Already many TDP leaders have said that the BJP top brass is continuing to negotiate with them. The BJP feels that the senior leader of Uttarakhand should be invited to the party. Similarly, the Reddy community is leading the Leader of the key district in the capital, in the capital, in the capital. In the lead, they are led by the BJP leaders with the feeling that TDP is politically damaging. Fixing that the tapes of the TDP could not be rectified with the constituency of the constituencies. BJP leaders who think that the reorganization of the constituencies will be politically beneficial for the TDP. In this background everyone in TDP will not get tickets. The disadvantages are in the wake of the wretch. Analysts have shown that key developments in state politics will take place in April and May. And how will you face the BJP strategy?

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