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 Hyderabad, December 14, ( Telangana minister KTR family is becoming a target for the opposition. Opposition on the taraku ramaravu relatives have been criticized. His relatives are getting ketiar for politically damaging. KTR Bawmari's name comes out of the drug dealings and the Congress has been accused of being a fresh man on his uncle's date. On the other hand, Congress criticizes the KTR light. The political opponents of the minister KTR also intensified the attack. Opposite tactics are designed to damage the TRS prince. He is trying to hurt the most crucial KTR mental stability in government and party. The Congress, which is fighting against the KCR family in the family rule, will use the latest KTR on the day. Congress leader Rayvind Reddy has been critical of the crackdown on his primary target. revanth reddy, who has been accused of the past few days over KTR Bawaramari Pakala Rajendra Prasad, has brought his uncle back to freshness. The Congress leader said that he was involved in the drug dealings. Ravanth once again allegedly linked the name of Raj Paal to Sunburn. On the other hand, Revath Reddy, on KTR's uncle Palkala Harinatra Rao, He also disclosed that he had worked in the Forest Department with the ST Certificate. Revanth Reddy says that Palkala Harinath Rao, who was a job as Forerest Ranger, was retired as the Forest Officer. There were allegations of KTR's relatives in the event. The sands of the sand tenders came to his relatives, and their campaign was promoted by police to torture Dalits. But KTR is getting easier. To see how far the criticism of the opposition goes.

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