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Adikavi ..Palkuriki somanathude.

Hyderabad, December 14, ( was not the poet Nannyya .. The Telangana government announced the Somnathu to Paul. With the writing of Basava Purana, Desi recognized the earliest temple of Palukuri, The Telangana Higher Education Council has decided to make changes in the modern Telugu language literature that teaches students in Telangana. Various key decisions were taken on the matter at the council meeting on Friday. The meeting was chaired by the Vice Chairman of the Board, Acharya S. Mallesh, to make changes in the Telugu language syllabus in the secondary language in all general courses of the degree. At the same time, the Telugu literature was chosen as a subject in BA and decided to make changes in the syllabus. Acharya Malesh, the Telugu Syllabus Review Committee, announced on this occasion the second Language Language for any course at the degree level. The subject syllabus was last revised in the academic year 2008-09. In the wake of the creation of Telangana state, it is now back to the changes in the Syllabus. Professor Malles said that the Telangana culture, economic and historical aspects of the process are in the process. At this point, the debate on whom to discuss the matter is said. Nannaya's translation writings said that the meeting concluded that Somnath was writing an autobiography of Paulakuri. So it is clear that the calculation of Palkuri to the old English language courses is clear. In the first year of the syllabus there are ancient poets. Nannaya, Thikkunna, Somanaththa, Thirangonda Venugamamba and others are studying the literature. Now only Telangana poets will be taught. In the list of the latest poets, Garis, Srieshi, Joshua, Puttaparthi Narayanacharya are the works of the epic. The committee discussed the necessity of joining the works of Srikrishna and Joshua poets in the Syllabus. Degree sequence includes Balagummi Padmaraju, Kolaloori Inak, Pottapalli and others. Modern poets comprise literature such as Kusuma Dharmanna, Pingali, Kathuri, Kolozhi, Andesri, Pooruri Srinivasa Murthy. The committee has decided to remove the writings of Andhra poets from Malhus. However, the committee will decide whether to complete full or 80 per cent of the Telangana poets and 20 per cent of the Andhra poets. Those who take BA literacy course in Telugu language will be replaced by 'Telugu Literature' Syllabus. The writings of the Andhra poetry will be removed and the Telangana poets will be given the Sarvasavata. The fourth language of the Degree Final Year (Telugu Literature) is 'Andhra Language History'. Completely deleted and converted to 'Telangana Language History'.

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