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Vijayawada, June 28 ( 
The state government has decided to sort out any objectionable public places occupation of the poor in the city of Vijayawada. The way to those who build buildings in the hilly terrain is easy. Over the years, Vijayawada has become a sort of regulatory issue. Removal of aggression ... re-building turned out to be transparent. Some places have been purchased without any rights. Banks are not lending money to other financial institutions. Many public figures have taken it to the state Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu. To that extent he guaranteed to get the rails. A group of ministers met for a meeting. The file related to the CCL now goes for government approval.


One town area, the Christurajapuram, Chittinagar, Gunadala, Moghalrajapuram and Singhnagar areas are mostly hilly. The city corporation supplies fresh water. Electric connections have been given. Migration from unorganized workers and other districts and those settled here settled in similar places. They have been fighting for the last few years to make hooks. 
The survey found that nearly 60,000 people were occupied by the government in the city. Survey conducted by Division. The construction of referral buildings in public places will be regulated first. They are included in any objectionable category. Only within 100 yards per family are regulated. If it has more, it is proposed to decide the price. There are hilly areas and government lands in the city. Some have been identified as forestry. The forest department is required to decode. The government has to release the Ziva. The irrigation department has been incorporated in the category of canals and drainage lines and other structures. The government has proposed to evacuate the canals and set up a house in Jet City. Some of the railway stations were occupied. Proposal is to remove them from there and give alternative places.

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