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Hyderabad, June 28 (
As part of various state visits to India, the Indian Ambassador has met with the General Secretary of the Telangana State Secretariat  to promote various states of India. The meeting was attended by Industries Commissioner Nadeem Ahmed, Protocol Director Arvindhar Singh, Rural Water Supply Company, ENC Surender Reddy, TSIIC Venkata Narsimha Reddy and others.
CIS said that the country has attracted the attention of the country through the industry's best  approved 7,337 units worth Rs 1,30,216 crore, making it possible for 6 lakh youth jobs and already 4884 units have been started. 


TSIIC is planning to set up a variety of parks for industries through the IIC and there are 165 industrial parks like IT, Biotechnology, Pharma and Tech Tail. The state is also engaged in pharmaceutical, nimz, textile park, yamsme seed park and food park in the state, weather Siyas most convenient place in terms of training, he said.
Speaking of the agriculture sector, farmers have been given a free harvest of 4000 Coins per acre for the season and a free insurance in the country. From January 2018, we provide quality free power for 24 hours and we have 18.25 lakh metric tonnes of potable and we are encouraged to support mechanization, chief agriculture partner Parthasarathy explained. Irrigation department chief Vikas Raj said that we have created additional storage capacity of 8.25 TMC. Tourism Minister B Venkatesam said that there are widespread opportunities in tourism in Telangana, medical, heritage, eco, Buddhism, cultural and tourism, 2.5 lakh foreigners visiting Telangana.
The mission is to carry out safe drinking water through the Nallas every home in the state through Mission Bhagirathi. Over 40,000 crores every household is drinking water.
Speaking on the occasion, Indian Ambassador to Finland, Vani Rao, said that the cyber security, the governance, ecosystem and vocational education had a wide range of possibilities for the Telangana State.  Mission Kakatiya, Mission Bhagirath, Telangana CS Memonto was awarded after the presentation of the visual short film on Telangana tourism.

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