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Karimnagar, April 23, (
There are drinking water for students in many government schools across the district. Apart from the underground water reservoirs, especially the drinking water supply facilities, the students do not have the right to drink. Water provided by Nallas and water tanks are not suitable for drinking. The shortage of irrevocable Arrow equipment provided by the Government and donors to schools to provide mineral water. Students fluttering in one of the shadows and in the shadows between the fiery sunny and chickens. Teachers say there is no safe water for lunch at schools in rural areas and no midday meal. At least in this summer vacation, students and parents want to make arrangements for drinking water in schools. There are 1,494 students studying in 66 schools in the district, 595 in 595 schools and 12 KGBs. The water bottle is a testimony to the student's catching midday meal for students in various ways throughout the year. Drinking water and other uses are based on handmills and tails in villages and mandal centers in Karimnagar. Some schools use water through borewell. In a majority of schools, students are getting bottles of water from all over the home because of lack of safe drinking water. District Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan Site Engineers for drinking water in public schools in the district are not collecting details of the zones and constituencies and the proposals are not available. 


There are allegations that there is no scarcity of funding for the purpose of providing facilities for estimating cost estimates for two years. In the last academic year, 76 primary, 16 primary and 76 high schools in the district are drinking water the proposals were made to provide Rs.2.35 crores for their expansion plans. Engineering officials made the proposals two months earlier, requiring Rs.10.10 lakh for drinking water and other water requirements, pump sets and other water requirements to cover handouts in 31 schools and 114 schools in the current academic year. But, the proposals are limited. There are a number of schools that have a thirst for the thirst for the students in government schools in the district. Most of them use water stored in tanks for drinking, cleaning their hands, and cleaning lunch. Karimnagar Mandalam Pathanamnagar, Sidapur and Karimnagar Mandal are some of the schools in which the fluoride water is supposed to be used for drinking water. Alternate measures are required to provide clean water or clean drinking water. It is often said that it is necessary to clean the water tank in the schools. School officials, teachers, and village representatives should be coordinated with the coordination of the school and the cottage in schools.

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