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Vijayawada, April 23, (
There is a different reason for the dissatisfaction that sounds at the party. Party sources said the MLAs, who are in the name of development programs in the constituencies, are making more than Rs.100 crores of nominees, while in some cases the three hundred crore proposals are taking place. The proposals seem to be bumped by Babu, without saying that the CMO is to give a superior to the superior. But that officer is doing the things that he is doing, but the attitude of Nandchu has been adopted, for the same thing, the public repatriates are going to have to go around Babu and CMO four times. That's the same seniors say that things can not be done and that the budget is not going to be announced before the government is not present. The embarrassing MLAs say that they are upset by the party leadership for a four-and-a- However, there is a real dowry behind the proposals in the name of development programs. Why are they all strategically party two years before the elections? It is the cause of their constraints to the commissions coming from the contractors. The party chief Chandrababu Naidu Mohammad is the cause of this situation .. Failing to coordinate the public figures in the Chief of the CMO .. Struggle with the strong opposition Opposition, And other aspects of the key Positions focuses expecting Chandrababu Naidu. 


The pressures of the public proxies with the leaders and Gomtamma Korkku became the hysterical. Though the MLAs argue that it is not just for their own work but also for the sake of development work, the secret is the same. Apart from these, many MLAs have suggested that the local government may be giving a bad name to the party-government and if the government approaches them, then the public and the image of the Babu are likely to suffer. There are also concerns about some of the central government's actions in the state, which is a bad name for the government. The seniors explain that the MLAs are already preferred in the transfers, postings and other tasks that are recommended by the MLAs. The MLAs do not mention the possibilities of the proposed proposals and Babu also gave them to the CMO causing discontent over both of the MLAs and it seems that further difficulties are not changed if not changed. There is a surprise that MLAs are not satisfied with the funds already provided by the CM Relief Fund and Pensions. In the case of the CM Relief Fund, the MLAs are recommended to provide more funds than the late YS. At least 3-4 lakh is granted to each applicant. In the past, YS has given a maximum of Rs. While old age, widow and disability pensions are given less than 300 in the constituency, the discontent is breaking up because of its own agenda.

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