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Vijayawada, April 2, (
Four members in the AP BJP race Betting ... no matter what the small case is, it has become common in the AP in the form of night rallies or the rising of the billionaires in the AP. Typically, only the polls that run on the results of the election are kept in every aspect of four rupees behind the intellectuals. Now the betting baggage started on the matter of who the BJP president is going to be. The change of the president was inevitable in view of the special politics of the AP. The head of the lotus did not focus seriously on this topic in pending. When the AIADMK withdraws from the NDA, the BJP has begin steps to strengthen the party by stepping up the fast track. When Amit Shah, was appointed  Ram Madhav as an AP incharge, the party's tendencies vary widely. He started to choose a new president for the state. Strong cultivation in the coast started preparations to assign the newly appointed person to the social class. Assuming that the leaders of the BJP  are going to get the chair of the state party, the leader of the party is currently in the form of the MLA Somu Veerraju. Lakshmi Narayana later after him. His behind paidi kondala  Manikyala Rao and Aakula Satyanarayana. The former Union minister Purandeshwari's name ran from party sources  have said that the BJP may use her services in the continue till yesterday. these are the start for betting on the backgrounds. From the Godavari districts in the coastal area to Nellore Chittoor, speculation and betting have become a debate.


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