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 Vijayawada, April 2, (
On the one hand, there is no lonely political fight to go ahead with the development slogan. On the other hand,The situation to be raised in the next election with a development motto. opposition to the government are criticizing the government's corruption. Analysts are also predicting that Chief Chandra Babu, who has suffered a lot of turmoil in the political life of 40 years, is now in an uproar. It is clear that in the face of all the difficulties it is getting ready for the 2019 elections. Particularly, he said that there is strong  opposition to sitting MLAs. Now he is ready to sack 30 MLAs.


 In addition, it is difficult to win over half of the defective MLAs. TDP has won 102 seats in the last elections. Independent MLA from Pithapuram, along with the Navodaya Party MLA winning the Charios, also won the TDP. The party strength reached 104. After the 23 MLAs joined TDP, TDP has 127 members. Chandrababu was angry at the performance of most of these. The growing opposition to MLAs among the people is in the view that the party will suffer. Because of this, many plans have been planned to change. Grading is based on performance, which is secretly brought to the attention of the MLAs. Many of the leaders are not disturbed. In the constituencies that are represented by the MLAs, there is no clarity just beyond the jurisdiction. The majority of seats are likely to change. Nehru has already announced the seat of Jaggampetta Jyoti. But Nehru and his son-in-law  Pattipadu MLA of the same district say Subbarao does not have the opportunity. Chances of Rampachodavaram MLA Vantala Rajeswari should not be allowed. Gaddi Ishwari is also not easy to find in the paderu. The information is about Babu's review of the anti-people protest against the old MLA Kalamata Venkataramana in Srikakulam district. There is a feeling that the pamaru uppuleti's place can be replaced to someone belongs to her family of kalpana. Nandigama and Tiruvur are going to change the candidates. Santhanuthalapadu  and Kandukur are also visible in the rankings. It is not as easy as the mirror that is strong in the gravitational field. With the shaky collapse, the third leader is likely to be brought to the screen. Hence, it is possible that half of the hopes of water fall on the hopes of failure. In addition, the MLAs who have won the TDP are not likely to have at least 30. Chandrababu thinks that their list is already being looked into by the microfilms. Chandrababu feels that choosing alternate leadership in these constituencies is good. There are many names of Godavari districts in this list. In Visakhapatnam district, at least three would have no chance. TDP chief seems to be in the forefront of some of the seats and their families, but in a few other places it is completely new. The party leaders have made clear that at least 30 sittings, which are the same for the fourth leader, will not do so.

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