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Hyderabad, March 17, (
Comrades Suspicions on pawan. The CPI and CPM leaders met with Janasena's chief Pawan Kalyan in Vijayawada. The Left parties are contemplating a fight with Janasena for special status for the AP. That's why Pawan came in. But his words and deeds are unlikely. Left parties shook Pawan Kalyan, who would do a movement for dividends with the Left. The status of the BJP should be given. The BJP is preventing the division of funds. But Pawan is not only a word of mouth but the Communist parties are considering any internal contracts. There are many suspicions in the AP politicians already on Pawan Kalyan, as the AP government is targeted.
In the status quo the use of the utilization of the credit ... the amount of credit to the Pawan will go to the BJP. Pawan's talks are not going to be in favor. Communists are raising many doubts about Pawan's questioning. Why the BJP did not go wrong with Jagan. Pawan was asked why the facts did not speak. The answer is not correct.


Pawan Kalyan is talking to the Left in Vijayawada on the campaign to be done for special purpose. Pawan Kalyan is in the wrong direction of Modi. But not on the open platform. Urged the movements to take up the demands of the division of law. There was a discussion between Pawan and the Left leaders on joint future operations. Only a few days ago, the Left spoke to Pawan about this issue. Partitionary demands were to fight against the fraud of the fraud without fulfilling. Pawan said he wanted to fight them. But now, the Left parties are looking for Pawan Kalyan. That is why Left leaders have not yet finalized the future functionality. Left leaders have declared that they are only discussing common struggles. Without making specific decisions, the interviews ended. Speaking about the possibility of further action after further discussion, Jana sources say.
The Janasena evolution is to think about the Left. That's why we are moving carefully. Pawan Kalyan has said that the BJP should function only when it says his stand. That's why the talks are in the middle.

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