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Hyderabad, March 12, (
Governor Narasimhan said that the Telangana government is committed to providing crops for crores of Acres. On Thursday, the Governor addressed the two Houses in Telangana Assembly. The farmer's welfare is their government's intention. He said all steps are taken to meet the difficulties of farmers. Governor Narasimhan said that the state has made much progress in three and a half years. The government will step towards the golden Telangana. Agriculture and irrigation sector. He said he hopes that the legislative assemblies will be constructive. The governor said the mission was to carry out a mission to secure safe drinking water. The governor said 95 percent of the mission was completed. He said the scheme was aimed at providing sustainable drinking water to the rural-urban population. Congress members tried to stop the Governor's speech. Narasimhan continued his speech among their slogans. Governor Narasimhan said that the government is working towards the welfare of the poor. Special schemes have been brought to the development of all sections of the people. The Telangana state is the ideal model in the country, the governor said. The Governor is addressing the two Houses. In the course of three and a half years, Telangana has to face many challenges. Government. State GDP is higher than the national average. We are working on the progress of all classes.

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