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Mahaboobnagar, March 12, (
Students can develop skill by teaching and experiment rather than direct examinations. Recognizing this, the government has started vocational courses in ideal schools. This type of courses is available in many schools in Mahabubnagar district. But the government's goal is not being fulfilled in full terms. There are no direct observations of teaching and practicals, many says. This is due to the lack of funds. In the district, Dhanvada includes the ideal schools in Kosgi, Kota Kota, Pebble, Khilaghanapuram, Koderu, Weldanda and Candied Mandals. Besides computer and training on beauty wellness training are also provided. Students from the 9th class are given interest in inter-study. While computer training is for the girls and boys, Beauty wellness seems to be training only.


Direct examination classes should be carried out to nine areas in three classes annually. So far only four have taken the students. Every year, the tour will cost Rs. 18,000. The government will provide them directly to the company that operates direct observation classes rather than schools. They take the tour to the respective school administrators. However, this phase has not yet been handed over to the company, even after the end of the academic year. This is the situation that the company has also taken. Teachers and student union leaders want steps to ensure that the Government has reacted to them by now and releasing funds in a timely manner and to ensure that the students' direct observation classes are maintained. At the school level, students are urged to remove disturbances for the action of skills development.

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