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Hyderabad, March 12, (
Is Chief Minister KCR going to be one side? Why did he drag the intellectuals and activists of the movement for the state? Professors like Professor Haragopal, Kodandaram, Chukka Ramaiah have been continuously ridiculed for Telangana. They made a roadmap of how the state would come. All the social groups in the Golden Telangana wanted justice. But in the first few days of the formation of Telangana state, Chief Minister KCR would meet with intellectuals. Their suggestions will be taken for development of the state. In the first year, KCR met with various magazines and channel editors. But as time passes, KCR has changed. The intellectual category believes that the KCR surge has been blocked by the meetings and protests that have been put on many occasions. Professor Haragopal was unhappy over the fact that he was not allowed to attend the Warangal Assembly, and he described the present situation as a record. Professor Haragopal the Mahbubnagar District. 


The Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu asked for an appointment as he wanted to upgrade high school in college. Soon join the CM Peshu to meet. As Haragopal asked, Chandrababu upgraded it to college. Once again for the college buildings, the then chief minister YS Professor Haragopal wanted to meet Rajasekhar Reddy. The appointment was called to Haragopal. The buildings have been sanctioned to college. Professor Haragopal is now referring to his close friends. Chandrababu, YS was giving their appointment.....KCR cannot let me know that Hargopal was scared. Everyone knows that Hargopal never goes for personal activities. He does not meet anyone except the public interest. It is not known to the political leaders. In the Telangana case, the intellectuals ask why the KCR is so disturbed by people like Haragopal. This is the same thing happened to Guruthulwudu Chukka Ramaiah in the state of IIT. Do not take advice together ... to express through the protests ... undermine? 

This is also about how the people are going to get away. Kodandaram is the name of the KCR Curve. At the time of the movement, the professor was fiercely queued after the KCR power came. They also allege that the TJAC is doing many attempts to trick KCR. They questioned why the TJAC leaders in Telangana districts had been arrested for protesting the amendment to the Land Acquisition Act amendment bill. But KCR is doing its job without ignoring it. DGP says that the issue of law and order is not allowed. DGP Anurag Sharma said, "We will not allow any initiatives and protests at the time of assembly meetings.

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