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The overflowing sand mafia is coming

Nizamabad, Jan 9, ( sand mafia is disturbed in Telangana. They are killing those who are stumbling on their feet. Tea Congress leaders, who met Governor Narasimhan, made the same point. CM KCR does not. I want to tell you something. Still, the brakes did not fall to sand irregularities. The sand dungeon continues. The VAA in duty in Kamareddy district was tied with a tractor and it was reported that he had been killed. The Pittalam district in Kamareddy district came to the phone with the VRA sailing that the sand was moving from Kawagawa in the Kambapur village. The family members told him that he had gone to Kawagawa. The gang saw the sands moving sand on tractors. Suddenly angry sand gang raided the tractor over the VRAs. Saini lost his life on the spot. There was a massive campaign in the media. Pitlum villagers and family members of the family were in a grave situation. If injustice happened, the lives of the survivors ... the KCR family did not mind what happened. The victims demanded justice for the Soys family. In the past, there were sand mafia anchors in the district of Cyrillila district. There have been criticisms that the police were too brutal about the BCs and Dalits. The police did not control the mafia atrocities and launched a third degree on young people. Some young people have been damaged by the police outpouring. The Congress and the BJP leaders made a big move on the incident. Former Lok Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar made a tearful visit. There are claims that the relatives of the ruling party leaders are encouraging sand mafia. The opposition is not the opposition .. The Maoist party has accused KCR of doing this. But this incident has been delayed by the Pirate Minister Ketiar. The original dead is not VRA. The media has made warnings that it will advertise unnecessarily. The sand mafia dies in the VRNNA..It is not something else. The Minister said that it will take action on those responsible. But it is the opposite that speaks to the sasurasu ketiar. As a result KCR is not on the criticism of criticism

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