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Visakhapatnam, January 6 ( face book fraud in Visakhapatnam city. The affected woman has approached the steel plant. Kishan Pal Singh of Rajasthan has been employed at Vishakha Steel Plant. Kiran Singh, a female friend of Delhi Dwarka area, became a female friend through her Facebook book. With their introduction, Kiran Singh came from Delhi to Visakhapatnam. The two were together. Three months later, they went to Delhi. Kishan Pal Singh was discharged from the Delhi Railway station. His phone number did not work. You do not have to rely on the pace book. Kiran Singh Visakha Still Plant came to know that Kishan Pal Singh had cheated him. Kishan Pal Singh was trained to learn that he had left Rajasthan. A woman stuck to a police station in a desperate situation. His pace was compiled on Book Lover. The police are registering the case.

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