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Rajini is backed by Bollywood star

Chennai, January 6, ( Rajinikanth's politics is gradually supported. Already many Tamil film industry celebrities welcomed Rajani's political entrance. Also, some Tamil Nadu politicians have also commented that Rajinikanth could test his luck. Now it is joined by Bollywood star Akshay Kumar. Akshay believes Rajinikanth's success as a political leader. Akshay Rajinikanth is currently playing villain in '2.0'. In this context, the announcement of the hero is interesting. Akshay wished Rajani to be good at all. Rajini said he would grow up as a good political leader. Akshay has expressed confidence that he will come in. Akshay also joined the film that welcomed Rajani's political entrance. Vishal is already supporting Rajani. The hero of Tamil Nadu announced that he will campaign for Tamil Nadu on behalf of Rajani party.

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