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Plan to check for traffic hardships

Hyderabad, December 26, ( is making strong plans to check the hazardous traffic hardships that are taking place in Greater Tue to Hyderabad today. The underpasses, skyscraper and multi-fly overs, which are already part of the strategic highway development project, will soon begin the new flyovers to avoid traffic jams
GHMCC is preparing to construct flyovers in new rush areas to meet traffic hardships in Hyderabad. Going through the Mehidipatnam areas, mainly Gachibowli and Nanak Ram Guda areas of IT hubs and software companies, The leading IT companies like Googul, Amazon, Wipro, Cognizant, etc. The roads leading to the new technological innovations are hi-tech hubs, construction companies, other companies and offices. GHMC is going to bring change in these conditions. The IT corridor has plans for a trip without the traffic jams ... no signal problems. The new highway system is available to reach the IT corridor within a hour when the person who landed at Shamshabad International Airport There are two lakhs and three hours of traveling on the road. The plan will be reduced significantly. Planetary hire from other areas such as Mehdi Pattanam, Attapur, Rajendranagar and other highways. From the IT corridor to Shambhabad and other parts of the city, the route goes through this route. This is followed by traffic jams for hours and hours at major roads and chauras. Traffic hurdles were decided to build three flyovers and underpass in Rathabi, Nalanagar, Mehdi Pattanam and Attapoor. An alternative road network is being offered without the need to park at the signals in the corridor. Fly overseas and underpass plans are expected to be 180 crores for this purpose. These proposals will be sent to the government following the GHMC Council's approval. However, the delay in their implementation is making the population more vulnerable. Whether it's time to complete the projects announced so far ...

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