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Social Media Divorce? Curse?

Hyderabad, December 26, ( are some people in the district who do not want to be naked if today's society is so distant from human relationships that they have a huge impact on social media. Is this social policy a social media dish? Curse? Maybe nobody answered the correct answer to the question While social scientists have experimented with the use of social media, which are extremely harmful to health, social media is unable to propel the overuse of the brain. Along with unnecessary, punitive words, do not sleep with other people with indecent images. At present there is no exaggeration in some 60% of those who use social media in the district. Today, we are looking at the eyes of the social media with the words English and the English language and the English language, the language of the Telugu language, Srikrishna. It is time for some to be lazy, with little or no gender, and some of the most enduring penalties, In this case, some of the BJP leaders have been accused of posting a complaint on social media by the state electricity and SC caste development minister Gunta Kandla Jagadish Reddy, who has been accused of misbehaving with the KSRC. . Police detained a young man in Puthu Garidipalli Manda. The police, who have special intelligence on social media already, have seen some change in the young people as they flock some people across the district. Several studies have shown that the majority of the social media are overwhelming. Approximately 48% of Western countries use the gadgets such as tablet and laptop as a whole, the country has been heavily influenced by the country, along with the country. It is expected that younger and younger people are more likely to use it. The overwhelming use of social media is some of the inadequacies. Paw can have a profound effect on their health as it has the potential to test other people's mental capacity with the usual posting and postings. As well as using social overnight at night, it can cause poor sleep. The message that the post was posted on social media a few days ago saw the use of social media. This is a combination of words in the answer to their son's question. If you see a message that he will love his parents as a smartphone rather than a son, anyone will be tearing away. The answer to the phone is that one of the parents does not answer or answer to the phone. There is no exaggeration in thinking that many of the messages that Watsup and SMS have given the message are solely to rely on the SMS to the SMS.

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