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Guntur, December 26, ( last Speaker of the AP is Nandendla Manohar. The son of former Chief Minister Nandendala Bhaskara Rao. There are good relations with late CM YS Rajasekhar Reddy. He was elected to the assembly two times from Gunturazhila Tenali. In the 2014 elections, he lost to TDP leader Alappathi Rajendra Prasad. There he did not hold much attention to Annapattinai Shivakumar who was contesting from Vaikappa. As a result Raja was not ready. Once again, the Wakaka thinks that the contestant will be competing for the seat of the seat. As a result, the way to the arrival of nadnds seems to have been cleared. If you are going to TDP from the VCP, they are looking towards the Jagan party, not the NDDs. It is not difficult to take noddings ... he should give him a tetanai seat. It is not the sitting MLM. That is why the campaigns on the nadnds have come to prominence. But Vaikappa is looking forward to this opportunity. That's why we are trying to bring Manohar.

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