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Kadapa trailer fire

Vijayawada, December 28, ( are already many criticisms on the web series released by the controversial director, Ramgopal Verma, titled Kadapa. Rayalaseema leaders are on the other side. They are angry about the feelings of their region, the people of the region have forgotten that they have forgotten and remembered them again. Karadar Reddy, national president of OCC Welfare Committee said, "If we release Kadapa's web series, we are going to make a film called 'Vrimaagaaru ... Pichhusuppatiki'. Earlier, the Andhra Pradesh Minister Adinarayana Reddy responded to this web page. Is it necessary to drain so much money? Adaniyarayana Reddy did not rebuke fire on Varma. Warning has been given that it does not tolerate their territory. Before he came to real life from Reel Life, once he came to Kadapa, he realized the facts. The minister said that some of the events in the past had been a pretext and now he is looking to recover the money. Showing the origin of a faction in Kadapa, the people of the region are trying to create hatred again, and immediately suggest that the council leaders should retire.

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