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A new twist in Tamil politics

Chennai December 28, ( the one hand, Dinakaran won a huge majority in the Arke Nagar constituency and is a new sensation in Tamil politics. It is speculated that the Sasikala group has been strengthened with the success, and on the other hand the disagreements in that category have begun. There are reports that differences between the sons of Sasikala and the elder sister are particularly risky. They have started a dominant war and they are the real heir to Sasikala. Who is currently in Sasikala jail? In this context, she has danakarin as her agent. The wheel revolves from Dannakaran's son as the son of Sasikala, who is close to Jayalalithaa. He played in this fame from RK Nagar. He was involved in various controversies and faced cases. However, Arke Nagar made a huge success in the poll. Dinakaran is reviewing the entire political expediency, but Dineshakaran does not fall for his brothers. They say that they are the true heir of the sakshikala and that she has handed over her responsibilities to them. But Vinayakaran does not accept their supremacy. Dinakaran claims that he is more powerful than Shashikala and he has not seen Vijay Shashikala in RK Nagar. In this way, the success of RK Nagar was reported to the Sasikala family.

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