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Guntur, December 07 ( Municipal Corporation has been accused of harassment in some of the programs. There are criticisms that the waste of money is wasted. If the corporation officials take up structures in private areas for the sake of development works, the owners will be compensated if any of the buildings are damaged. Locals claim that the City Department of the Department of Engineering has been responsible for bringing this matter into practice. He said that Rs 32 lakhs were spent on a private firm in the private sector. Prior to this, Rs 70 lakh was spent in a private space. But after it was built, the city was forced to take up the land because the company did not advance to the original land. With the condition that it is necessary to build the ground in the compact site, the official sources said. The government has also given a description of this. There is no such problem in the land currently under Rs 32 lakh. People ask why they need to build a fence. A private firm has recently taken part in the main road stretch of the Guntur New Railway Gate in New Pettah. There have been criticisms that the barrier of urban governance was in violation of these rules.

Whereas the site has previously paid compensation, it is also here that the owners of the land are obliged to pay the damages. The locals say that it is a big step forward for Rs. In the meantime, everyone is asking whether the city governor can do this if he wants to build houses and build houses. The city corporation is supposed to serve the people of the city, but the private parties are engaged in the service. The Commissioner also expressed regret over the relevant authorities. However, the strangulation of the diaphragm of the drain is being built for the strengthening of the structure. This action is to misuse the public, said Guntur Registrar Association president. Expressed concern over the lack of funding for development works. There is strong opposition from the locals on the fact that Rs. There is public criticism of the corporation's style. Responding to this background, the superintendent said that the wall was ordered to be stopped. Excluding expenditure from the whole of the expenditure to the extent of the work, the rest of the money will be taken to pay the owner of the relevant place.

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