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KP onion in trouble....

Kadapa, December 07 ( though the nighttime has suffered, there is no suitable result for labor. This is the worst situation across the country. Farmers are losing the right price for crop production. Financial problems. With the ongoing investment, agriculture is becoming increasingly boring. If crops grow in the disadvantages and fluctuations, the market or farmers are not avoided. In the case of onion crop, there are times when concerns have been made to build a purchase center and pay the price. This kind of protests in Kadapa was raging. Giving some assurance to the farmers did not take steps towards permanent settlement unless the farmers had to make peace. KP Allilli is a key player in making foreign exchange. The state government firm Markfed and the central government's NafDs for selling this onion still have a dependence on farmers. Thus the farmers are losing money to what the dealers say. Onion farmers say that they are not in the side of the farmers and are struggling with the problem.

Krishnapuram is commonly known as cap onion. This type of onion is grown for exports. In the area of Maidukur, Duvvur and Khajipeta Mandalas, the farmers have cultivated a lesser extent in the area of Porumamilla, B. Koduru, Kalaipapadu, Siddha, Atuluru, Badwell, Myalavaram, Chandilimari and Muddanurun Mandal. Onion, which is only about 9500 acres a year ago, was cultivated only in 5860 acres. High rains and pests have significantly affected yields. Starting at Rs 1,300, the price was Rs 3,000. This year's harvest area is limited to 3826 acres due to fluctuations in price. Onion procurement started in Mithamunupallam, Kesapuram area. There are 20 to 30 quintals per acre. Farmers say that the harvest yields from cuttings will be increased from December. Onion has been priced at Rs. 4,000 a day earlier ten days ago. So far, seven lorries have been shipped to Chennai. At present, the price has fallen to Rs. 3500. Thus the farmers were concerned. Farmers now want to respond to the government and the official authority and take measures to ensure proper support for the cap. Otherwise, the onion farmers are also worried that the farmers will suffer in financial difficulties.

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