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Ananthapur, December 07 ( district is undergoing highways roads. But they do not care about their quality. Contractors are lying in the hands of crumbling roads. As a result, the roads are changing to a month's time. The pits fall off and the journey turns into a ferocity. 11 km from Tadipetri to Shenigangagudur in Putlur Mandal There is a road. About 10 km Mera road expansion works started. On both sides of the existing road, the expansion was carried out at 1.62 meters. For this, Rs 8.25 crore has been awarded to a company contract. Roads have begun for a few months. Even though gravel was dumped, some of them were only tired. Yet the tasks have to be completed. But in all the work that has been done, there is no good quality. In fact, the road expansion is due to be completed by March next year. But a few weeks ago, the work was stopped. At the same time, the disadvantages of the completed road have been exposed one by one. In many places, the road to the road has become worse. Large pits were created where expansion works and tarred areas. The road is coming down and it seems to be cracked. The engineers argue that this road is just two months away. However, this road looks like the oldest period.

The patriarch-arasagangudu royadu words are unprecedented worse. The motorists say that the hills are getting trapped in the route. Some say that we are traveling in this way by keeping our lives alive. The road that has been nearly two months ago has been angry over the change. Demanding to take stringent measures against these people, who are spending public money with poor performance. However, engineers have heard their argument over the reasons for the destruction of the road. In addition to the recent rains, the road was hit by the lorries that were transporting sand on the same route. But in the next two to three months, the people are so nervous that the road is so bad. In fact, the allegations of failure to ensure proper quality standards do not exist when road expansion works. People say that the situation is not as long as the authorities are taking action. Contrary to what the officials are apathetic, the contractor is reprimanding them with crumbling work. The authorities received a lot of criticism from the criticism of the public. It is natural that the roads are damaged after it's done. The road is still not completed yet. It is said that payments will be taken to examine the prerequisites. Nevertheless, locals comment on the disadvantages in development programs and waste of people's money.

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