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Babu tours the center enquiry...

Amaravati, December 6, ( Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu has made more than 20 foreign trips to date. This time, he is on a tour of South Korea's capital Seoul. Investment hunting has begun. Chandrababu spoke with the representatives of the KIO company to come up to invest in Nagara. Investment hunt aims at meetings. Babu calls for the use of AP as another capital of South Korea. Singapore, yesterday in Tokyo, said earlier Shanghai. Then Davos said, Istanbul said. There is no question of Chandrababu's criticism that another Seoul now says. If the umbrella does not go out of the sun, how will investments come? That is why Chandrababu and the band made more than 20 foreign trips. Chandrababu traveled to America twice a year. Dubai then moved to London. The central government has focused on Chandrababu tours as a whole. Babu farewell to Prime Minister Narendra Modi to be the hot spot. Narendra Modi is returning abroad since taking charge as prime minister. Now the Chief Minister of India is only one Chandrababu in India. No one else went abroad. That is why Modi is looking at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu. No CE in the country has even gone to the Foreign Tours. Most of the time, traveling overseas tours are being created as a CEO. Chandrababu Team is doing this to bring investments to Andhra Pradesh.
 On the trip to Korea, Chandrababu runs 6 bilateral meetings, 2 group meetings, 2 MEWUs, 2 road shows and several business seminars. However, Modi is a good signal to go abroad. A chief minister will come to the next level of competition so I can say that AP did not stop funding. It is not for polavaranam .. division guarantees are not implemented.

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