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Private Bill on Railway Zone....Accennayudu.

Visakhapatnam, December 6, ('s younger MP Kinsarappa Rammohan Naidu. The political tyranny of the Srikakulam district is rocking. TDP is trying to take the development programs into the public. Now his sight fell on Visakhapatnam railway zone. He is ready to make a private bill in the next parliamentary session. Vishakapatnam agreed to divide the bill to set up a Railway-zone arrangement. But in practice it did not work. That is why TDP government is getting more pressure on the Center. Ramaohan Naidu wrote to the Speaker of the Lok Sabha to give him permission to make a bill in the Lok Sabha. The secretariat of the Lok Sabha has sent him fresh information. According to the Andhra Pradesh Division Act, the Visakhapatnam Railway zone was proposed to be set up. The Lok Sabha Secretariat has agreed to propose the name of Railways Act, 2010. The Bill will be set up in Andhra Pradesh with Vijayawada, Guntur, Guntakal and Walter Division to set up a new zone. If the bill is approved, the Railways will take action in three months. The decision will be taken by the Center. There is a baby bump in the center of the original railway zone. The center has taken special status to the AP. Special package is not properly implemented. If you do not react now with the railway zone, it's wrong.

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