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Chennai, December 6, ( life of the former Chief Minister Jayalalithaa is emerging as one. Amrita came to the fore of her daughter's daughter. No one was talking about her in Jaya's days. But after the death of Jaya, they are daring to know who they are. Actor Sobhana Babu has been promoting Jayalalithaa's cousin. They say that their sins are born. Her name was not called Amrita. Amrita says she is a daughter of a Jaya. The Supreme Court has asked us to come to the Supreme Court and come to the High Court. It's now sensational. Now another niche came up. Jaya's father Jayaraman was murdered by his wife. The wife was poisoned to get him to come home and get him out of the gorge. Jayalalithaa aunt Lalitha, who lives in Bangalore, says. She spoke to Sun News and she agreed that Jayalalithaa was the one who gave birth to a girl child. His eldest son Jaya has been murdered. That's the point of telling anyone about that. She even mentioned the mystery. But I do not know whether Jayalalithaa's daughter is Amritan. He did not have that evidence. Jaya's father was killed by her mother Sandhya. Jaya's father Jayaraman was a slave of alcohol. Abuses. It is better to die than the one who is killed. Jaya's mother was accused of killing her husband and killing her husband. I do not like it, says Jayalalithaa. As a result, the new debate is ongoing.

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