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Julie 2 who believes in sex scenes.

Mumbai, November 24, ('Julie-2' released as the sequel to the film 'Julie' a decade ago. The film is to be released sometime now and it is released after several installments. But the film did not get the desired hype. There are various tactics. The film is based on the life story of Nagma and the creators of the film have started making gaggolas that the sex scenes in the film are leaked. All is strategic. Nagma has brought some attention to the audience with a leak based on the life story, sex scenes leaked and the film is very hot. Rarandi is a category that has tried to attract audiences. All this is to be done according to the plan. If there is content in the movie there is no such tactic. Similar tricks are playing while there is no content. What is the original story is that the clarity is coming soon. There is no big budget movie and the possibility of the opening up for hot movies. Plus points for this movie. Opening day, opening day, open day for films in Bollywood. Some of the movies do not care much at the theaters if they are slightly lighter. Lakshmi Rai beauty ambutha and hut scenes are likely to hit the theaters of the film. The film is being released in South East India with  Lakshmi Rai Image. Commercially, the film can not be scared.

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