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Ananthapur, May 10, (
Are you going to buy gold ...? Do you go to the bunk for petrol? Do you keep the ration for the government's goods? But you are definitely deceived ... yes ... this is true .. any store is a fraud. Someone said, but the truth is that the officials of the Department of Measurement Department are in the AP. That is why such fraudulent acts are justified by the people AP Sarkar ... In the AP we have the facts that are under the scrutiny of the department and the measurements of the shop. There is no shop, the shop is not associated with the areas of contact with the eyes of the customers ... the shadows of the shoppers are crossing them .... especially the golden shops, Petrol buns, fertilizers, gas cylinders, way bridges, sweets ... Teemi..Allanta Akramalli ... Upwardly advertisements are impressive, but the inside is all the fraud ... If the petrol bump goes, the vehicle certainly does not make a loss ... ..take a liter of ten liters of petrol and then a liter will turn out ... That is less than 10 per liter. In last year 's checks, there were 74 misunderstandings More than 50 lakh rupees have been collected from the last fiscal in the last financial year. 


There are also irregularities in the urea bazaars supplied to farmers. It's also a name for two kgs per bag In the companies that are ... Corporal, Crib Co, Nagarjuna, and IPL have been detected by the authorities for allegedly fraudulent frauds ... They have collected more than a million rupees in fraud wherever the fines are ... More than 12% It's like doing a lot of ... The government says it should not be fooled by the statements offered by the government ... One, not two, 90 per cent of the gold bars have been screwed up by the people, and the massive fraudulent fraud in the government supplies supplies for the general public ... Identify differences in taps in fair price shops Emperor is not selling in prices ... Emperor sells more prices than some Shops .. Seal shops are identified as embroidered embarked under the name of Employee .. From the shops of irregularities were collected under penalties of over eight and a half crore last year Authorities will set a toll free number to check for such minister ...To fill in vacant posts in the department, we will be checking for full complaints.

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