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i will give cd,Gujarat cm..!!!

Gandhinagar, November 28, ( Patel, the leader of the patidaar Reservation Movement, responded in a fascinating manner in connection with the alleged sex scandals. Speaking to an English news channel, he said that the charges against him were reacting to his sexy CDs released by the BJP. He was the one who morphing himself. He also said that Vijay Rupani, the Gujarat Chief Minister, could bring sex CDs. However, it will cost a little more than two crores of rupees. He said that he would also get sex videos of Gujarat Gujarat. Are you amongst the CDs released by BJP? Patel responded to the question. Patel said, "If I am in those videos, it's a violation of my personal freedom." However, Hardyq dismissed them as morphing. With such videos, the BJP is trying to get rid of it. In the BJP rule, he claimed that he had no chance of personal life and privacy.

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