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Hyderabad, November 28, ( dream of Bhagyanagar was fulfilled. Hyderabad Metropolis, dedicated to many specialties, is dedicated to the nation of Prime Minister Narendra Modi. The prime minister who arrived in Myapore from the Begumpet airport was first metro pilon and later started Metro Rail. The Prime Minister's first project, Metro Station, Tea-Savory App, Brochure was unveiled.
Hyderabad has grown to become another city in the crown of glory. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has launched a green lagoon for the 'Metro Rail' project of Bhagyanagar. The lives of the Kodi people of Hyderabad, who are alive evidence of this spectacular event, are flowing. The metamorphosis of the capital city, which has suffered traffic tracks for over ten years, is shining with smile. The fortunes of the capital have been on a decade-long journey from Wednesday 6 am on Metro Rail rails. The aforesaid Metro was launched on the afternoon at 2.20 pm and then the ticket was bought as the first passenger. Kukatpalli will travel to Metro and return to Meypore. However, before the ribbon cut, minister Ketiar was standing. Where's Ketiar? Modi has suggested to come back. Ribbon was cut after Ketiar came. The Governor along with Governor Narsinghin, Chief Minister KCR and Minister Ketiar. Later, Miyadi at Miyapur station saw a short film featuring L & T on Metro Rail. The Metro train reached Kupatpalli and returned to Miyapur. Modi has been seen in metros. On the other hand, the governor Narasimhan sat down and sat on Katie on the other side. KCR as the Governor. Metro features Modi. Later on the second floor of the platform reached Metro Rail. In the train he went to Kukatpalli and returned to Miyapur .. 425 Historical Hyderabad City Metro reached Metro. The city's headquarters, starting with horse bugs, reached the highest peak with the Metro arrival. Metro arrives for the urban population of the city with a population of about a hundred, private personal vehicles, and with heavy traffic. Hi-tech technology is the best of the Telugu Metro country. The Hyderabad Metro has been expanded with a wide array of technologies, management skills, advanced security standards and more than 15 lakh people. Laxman, Kishan Reddy and others in the Metro All 18 trains are running on rails. Officials say a train will begin every 15 minutes

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