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Amravati, June 11, (
On Monday morning, Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu conducted teleconferencing with water officials. In the teleconference collectors and officials of various departments participated. Chandrababu said, "Today is the day of Polavaram. A record 11,158 cubic meters concrete was recorded in 24 hours. 19,500 queue in 42 hours The concrete is going to surpass, the Guinness world record is to be reversed. He congratulated everyone on the project work. The spirit of this film is to speed up the 'Earth Come Rock fill Dam' tasks. 


We are going to  complete polavaram. Our goal is to create a smart water grid. Suggesting that all the ponds should be protected from falling into grenades. The smart water grid is aimed at creating the target. In the deficit rainfall, even 2.21 mg of groundwater has increased. Water-growth and water-tree works are giving good results. Chandrababu said that during the monsoon, 3 m and 8 m underground groves in summer. He said the excavation works should be done in order to review the works. Strengthening the levees, advocating cutting out of wastes, and offering water for each acre in the village. In this month, things are going to be more active. Excavation works for harvesting of crops Cleanliness along with water and greenness. The CM said that the ODF-plus spirit was also successful. The 4,500 workshops in the construction should be completed soon. He also ordered administrative sanctions for 6,000 workshades.

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