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Hyderabad, June 11, (
Telangana state transport department will take steps to bring transparency in issuing driving licenses. All the motor driving schools in the state will be connected to the newly introduced online system. There are about 63 schools in the state to provide heavy motor driving training in the state, while the twin cities have 13 schools. Most of these are allegations that schools are doing business only with issuing Form-5. While 30 days training is required for a heavy license, the Light Transfer Vehicle license requires 21 days training. The new biometric approach would be made available to the government, with over 200 submissions of heavy licenses per day, and a majority of them have received Form-5 without training. 


The attendance table and training details will be updated on the portal. It is clear that the drivers of motor driving schools are not being trained without the necessary training for transport of vehicle licenses. Drivers who take part in a Driving Test for Transfer License require 30 days training. Officials have concluded that recent driving threats have led to a number of hazards on the roads that drivers licensed on the basis  certifying that training of motor driving schools. The transport authorities have taken steps to rectify these deficiencies. Automated Online Services (AOS) is currently being updated on the Transportation website. The details of the new motor driving school are also added to the existing options during online transactions.

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