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New Delhi,June 2,(
Overall, the mood of opposition to the Bharatiya Janata Party led by Narendra Modi and Amit Shah has led to opposition. This is to ensure the results of the by-election on Pan-India basis. Everything is open together. Jumps. But the belief is unlikely to join the 2019 polls. The BJP can also be in strong states by a compromise or mutual co-operation. The by-elections of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar have shown the same. 


The BJP has fallen deeper. The latest results are likely to lead to extreme confidence in the opposition. There is consensus about winning. But who should head it? There are serious differences in the matter of the prime ministerial candidate. The biggest party in the opposition is Congress. Even after the 2019 election, it is the same big party. No one has doubts about this. But its leadership is not faith. This issue is a major obstacle to the pre-poll alliance. Some parties think that we will go and post the Post Alliance. This leads to a split of votes. The BJP becomes a profit. This requires several compromises, adjustments and coordination. This requires the ability to be able to collect all the nicest things you can do. Season should be a senior not only politician but also senior. Especially the queue that he can add to all who can not wait. Being able to control the head hijackers is essential in the head. Is there anyone in the present situation? Shiv Sena is trying to hurt the BJP in the next election. That's fine. Here the Congress is expected to clear the root of the NCP. It's hard to be alone. YCP's chief Sharad Pawar has big hopes. The concept of the Prime Minister is the experience of his party parties. Shiv Sena is likely to announce his candidacy in the honor of Maratha honor. It can be seen as a financially crippled state but can be seen as a Balancing Factor to the north of the south. Pawar has good relations with the Congress supremo. But criticism of him is that he has nothing tolerating and enduring the opposition under one single umbrella. The political sectors predict that Pawar would prefer the front to join the opposition only if he felt he would be in prime race. 

In every case, Mayawati is in the use of a Dalit card. Knowledge between SP and BSP in Uttar Pradesh is crucial. In order to prevent the BJP from coming to power at the Center, these two parties will not tie up. Maya can accept the power of Uttar Pradesh in the form of a compromise formula and put him in the race as a Dalit woman. Though Mulayam Singh has hopes, his son Akhilesh has already been abused. A fresh look at the expectations of the brand name of Mamata Banerjee Mamata, who has established power in the big state of West Bengal, is drawing her national attention. Federal, Secular, Third, UPA Front .. Mamta is in a position to show a positive attitude towards all. However, the feeling of intolerance and discrimination in the minds of the political parties is not in the hands of the dominant tendency. The Chandrababu Naidu, who has played a key role in the NDA as the United Front convener, is also interested in national politics. The party lines are the summary of his remarks that the Telugu Desam will become crucial in the 2019 elections. There are contacts with leaders who are cycling in regional parties. Chandrababu, in the affairs of the alliance, the advice, the consultations and the adjustments. 

The fact that he did not claim to be Prime Minister despite the possibilities in the past is a factor. But KCR is changing in the bunker. KCR is the third front front ramp in front of all parties. He may not accept Chandrababu's leadership. In the indirect conversations of the majority leaders, the majority of the congressional collaboration is ultimately nothing but the front. This is said by KCR Saseemira. It is urgent to expand the UPA or to replace the regional bloc in place. Most importantly, it is a barbaric burden to capture an acceptable captain. The curse for the same opposition. The blessing of the BJP.

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