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Eluru, June 01 (
The district collector Dr.Katamneni Bhaskar has directed the R&B SE Nirmal  to take action on the battlefield to build the 5 major highways in the district. He reviewed the work on irrigation projects on Friday at the local collector's office with officials on the National Highways and Arundby Roads Department. In the West Godavari district, for three years to get approval to build five main arandby roads, the files are pending that the funds are not able to grant. Bhaskar questioned the beans. In the state, the Randby Road in the district is very bad, not every road has to be built for ten years unless the quality of the road is built, but the roads are built up and the road to the roads will be worse and the collector officers have been ordered to concentrate on the construction of the roads. The Collector also suggested that the rehabilitation of the Randby roads in Eluru should be promptly strengthened and that the tariff is preferable to road construction. He did not delay in the construction of Eluru-Jangareddygudem, Kebblo-Undi, Narasapuram-Minor Port, Peravali, Narasapuram Road and other highways through Bhimavaram. The collector questioned if the design of the 'Chintalapudi A' project was delayed by the completion of the project to speed up. The collector questioned whether the construction of farming bridges had to be done before the rains would be able to complete all irrigation projects, rather than irrigation projects in each period of time. 


The Collector said that every farming scheme in the district will be completed by the time of their completion and their fruits will be distributed to farmers. In view of the release of water from today, the collector ordered the irrigation officials to take care of the farmers, especially the delta modernization tasks. The collector said that a special vehicle parking facility would be provided to the national carrier on the two sides of the National Highway to ensure that there is no delay in the construction of the National Guard, thereby taking steps to provide petrol, restroom and meals. In this regard, the Roundabout, Irrigation, Panchayati Raju, Social Welfare Engineering Division will provide social work, public schools, health buildings, community buildings, drinking water, drainage and road construction work. Collected to give grain. To ensure the construction of houses, Bhaskar suggested. The joint collector Venugopal Reddy, Additional JCYMH. Sheriff, Panchayati Raj, Mani Maniyam, Irrigation Department ESI Raghunath, Housing Department PD Srinivas, National Highway Pt Venkatarathnam, Kukunuru Sub Collector Haridara Prasad, Ardiolo G. Chakradharava, Mohanakumar, Satyanarayana Rao and others participated.

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