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Hyderabad, June 2, (
Manchu Lakshmi is the main character in the "W/o Ram" film. The film is going to be released this month. W/o Ram received a rare honor before the release. Wife of Ram was selected for official screening at the 'Ottawa Indian Film Festival'. The jury has selected 9 films, two documentaries and 5 short films from the Fiction section at the Indian Film Festival, which will be held from October 13 to 17 in Ottawa, Canada. These were selected from 9 major cities in India. These include the official entry of manchu Lakshmi's 'Wife of Ram' from Hyderabad. All of these films have been released on the same day. But before the release of the film, Wife of Ram was given a rare respect for the film. "W/o Ram" directed by V. Vijay has directed audiences a completely new feel to the Ottawa Film Festival of India. 


This is a story that revolves around a young girl who works in a charity. She is murdered by her husband. The story is a strange and horrific situation that the young woman faces in order to break that mystery. The film is titled 'Social Conscious Thriller' by Ottawa Film Festival. Kritis Prasad, Vidya Nirvana Snow, Anand will be producing this movie under the patronage of People Media Factory and Snow Entertainment. Samrat Reddy, Adarsh ​​Balakrishna, Priyadarshini and Srikanth Iyer are playing the lead roles in 'Lakshmi Ram' in the role of Manchu Lakshmi. Technicians Pravo: GSK Media, Editor: Tamir Raju, Director of Photography: Samala Bhargav, Music: Raghu Dixit, Dialogues: Sandeep Gunta, Production Designer: Deep, Construction: People's Media Factory, Manchu Entertainment Writes, Writing, Direction: Vijay yakanti.

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