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Ananthapur, June 28, (
The rains started with the southwest monsoon. Changes in the atmosphere are taking place after the summer season. Diseases are also present in this case. Especially seasonal diseases will be booming. Along with viral fever, malaria, dengue, swine flu, pyelaria, gastro enteris, typhoid are likely to be affected. Already the victims of the district are suffering from fever. Besides these, hospitals are involved in respiratory diseases and sore throat infections. Around 80 pHCs across the Anantapur district have already been actively involved in the activities of the municipal corporations within the municipal corporation and municipalities.


 District Medical Health Department is also campaigning through house campaigns in rural areas and through leaflets. The medical staff and the crew say that the mosquito reproduction has been prevented by taking care of water, especially in sanitation, drinking clean, dry water drinking, water storage, watering, and cleaning of the pits, refrigerators, etc. Medical staff have claimed that diseases can be controlled by early precautions, as people are aware of diseases and their spread. It is said that mosquito breeding of houses is not the best way to keep cattle clean, and mud ducks close to home. Prevention of diseases can be prevented from spreading the disease. Anganwadi Workers, Supervisors, ANCs and Panchayat Secretaries are aware of seasonal diseases prevention. On Tuesday, all the PHCs held meetings with medical personnel across the district. The District Medical Health Department has been alerted following the deaths of anthrax in the Vishakapatnam Maniyam area and Rampachodavaram area. He was hospitalized in a separate ward at the district hospital of Hindupur. Careers have been alerted to the past experience. The symptoms of the disease seem to be instantly set up inolation wards. It has already taken measures to improve sanitation and to prevent seasonal diseases in villages. An amount of Rs 10,000 is provided by ANM for each health sub-center with a population of 5,000. Municipal corporation, municipalities and urban panchayats

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