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Patna, June 28 (
The politics of Bihar have fallen into the juxtaposition. Nitish's condition is what will happen now. He can not be in the BJP and can not be merged again. The signals that come out of the BJP are almost exposed. Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has been blaming BJP for some time. He was leaving his sister. He could not be in that situation. Nitish BJP has come to the idea of ​​the BJP as well as the disturbance of the Modi image is one of the reasons for the decline of the nation, and some sections of the state have joined hands with the BJP. JDU wants more seats in in Bihar. 


Nitish is asserting that the coalition and the stronger party in the state are giving them more seats in parliament. In the last Lok Sabha elections, the BJP won in 31 seats in Bihar.  It is expected that the Bihar people believe that it will be suitable for the RJD in the next election, as it has been sent to Modi's Sarkar jail for lalu yadav. Lalu Prasad Yadav had suffered ill health for the past few days. He was hospitalized in a hospital in Mumbai. Nitish's phone call and Lalu's discussion is now debating. Lalu Yadav's prison kalilaina and Delhi Aimes do not phone when Nitish has done the same why the RJDs questioned why. However, Lalu's younger brother Tejaswi Yadav said that Nitish did not have to give up. In the first week of next month, BJP national president Amit Shah is visiting Bihar. In this tour, the BGP and JDU are getting closer to the bond. Analysts think that Nitish is acting in an uncert

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