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New Delhi, June 22 (
Chhattisgarh and Mizoram assembly polls will be the fire of national parties like the Bharatiya Janata Party and Congress. Both parties have already started strategies to win this election in the end of this year. After the election, the Lok Sabha elections will be held next year. Hence the two parties are taking the Assembly polls in the most prestigious way. Madhya Pradesh split and formed Chattisgarh on November 1, 2000, when the Bharatiya Janata Party government was in power at the Center. It is the small state which has established itself as the 26th state in the country. Mizoram is the only state where Congress is in power. The party is in power in Mizoram, along with Punjab and Puducherry throughout the country. The population of the state as per 2011 census is 10,91,014. 51.51% of urban population. There are 970 women for every 1,000 men.


 According to the 2011 census 91.33 percent literacy. 95 percent are tribals. 87 percent of Mizos and Christians. 8 percent are Buddhists. Illegal immigration is going to be a major factor in the elections. Locals are unhappy with growing immigration from neighboring Myanmar, Nepal and Bangladesh. Mizoram, which was part of Assam, became Union Territory in 1972. This small state suffers terrorism.  The Congress has taken a single seat in the 2014 Lok Sabha elections. At present the Congress is stronger. BJP is looking towards Mizo National Front leader Wan Jwama. BJP is also looking to add to the Mizoram, which has won the Northeastern state in recent elections. The BJP strategy is to get a small number of Hindutva votes, gain benefit from the split of tribals and SCs. In the formation of the Congress party led by Ajit Jogi, the government has set up a two-party coalition. The BJP won in the 2003 assembly elections. Since then, the party leader Raman Singh continues to be the Chief Minister. The Congress party is in the opposition position. TS Singh is the Leader of the Opposition in the Dev Assembly. Five years ago, the BJP won 49 seats in the 2013 elections. The Opposition Congress has only 39 seats.  Chief Minister Raman Singh will be re-elected by the ruling BJP. Opposition leader TS Singh Deo under the leadership of the Opposition Congress Personally, Raman Singh, who has served as Chief Minister for three consecutive terms, During his tenure, the new capital Naya Rayapur was built. He concentrated on the supply of rice to the poor under the public distribution system. He is known as "Chaval Baba". But for the past few years, Raman Singh is facing charges. The government is scared by various scams. Congress leader Ajit Jogi, who was the first Chief Minister of the state in 2000, lost in the 2003 election. Jogi, who later disagreed with the Congress, formed its own party in the name of "Janata Congress". This is the persistence of the Congress for hurting Congress. He is the main accusation that Congress has become a party to the ruling party. Jogi is very good in tigers. A former IAS officer, he started a new party in June 2016. Some Congress leaders are looking towards his party. The party hopes that it will come together with the government's opposition to the government, the corruption allegations against the government, the declining Modi's announcement, the dissolution of banknotes and the GST. BJP has hoped for development work. However, the opinion of the BJP is not as easy as this in the political circles. Even the BSP and other parties who have secured 17.88 and 18.65 per cent votes in the 2008 and 2011 elections can not even be underestimated.

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