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Medak, June 23, 2018 (
In addition to the welfare of farmers, the government has been prioritizing agricultural problems. One of the main problems faced by recent people is the lack of  few  godowns. Provide the crops in the hands.. Proper storage facilities .. Farmers are falling several difficulties. The government is still struggling to store the crops collected from the farmers. In order to check these problems, the garden was set up at Wat Palli in Medak district. Sarkar allocated 5 acres of land for the construction of the modern agricultural market godown. 


The government has sanctioned Rs.1.50 crore through NABARD funds to set up a modern agricultural warehouse with a capacity of 2500 mt in May 2015. The tender contractor started construction work late. Instead of peasants, the officials and the public officials have gone into deep frustration. With criticism from all sections, the construction work of the Godam construction almost collapsed under pressure from officials and leaders. The farmers will be benefited from the opening of the godown at the time of yield of kharif crops.
There are thousands of farmers locally. There are about 8,000 farmers in the Rogud zone. This means that if the harvest is available at the end of the harvest, the crops grown can be stored for the proper support price of crops. In fact, proper shelter or rental rooms are available to store crops grown by farmers. Without the lack of storage facilities, they are infected. The crop was sold at a lower price than the fear of damaging them. Whether it is in the use of Godam, the farmers are likely to get rid of these problems. With the completion of construction works of Godam, Rs 26.50 lakh has been sanctioned for providing infrastructure to farmers. So far, the farmer seeks officers to take steps to create infrastructure. Kharif crops are requested to be made available at the time of hand.

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