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where Computer studies ?

Adilabad, December 18 ( the school level, the government spends Rs. At first, some of the high schools were employed by appointing teachers. Technical education was followed by the lack of subsequent teaching. They were wasted with the removal of the trainers within a period of five years. Recently each school has been trained on computational education for two teachers of mathematics and science subjects. Still there are difficulties with the lack of computations.
Recently the Government has been teaching the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) on Computational Education in Diet College, District Center for teachers of Mathematics and Science from Government Schools. All school teachers are taught training on mathematical issues and science.
Though the teachers have completed this technology, they are concerned that the quantities are currently sculpted to teach the students the education they have learned. Persecuted students are struggling because they do not initiate action on repairs. The so-called extracurricular mathematics that have so far not been used or become obsolete by the teachers have not yet been repaired.
The government has sanctioned Rs. 160 for higher and upper primary schools in the district and sanctioned 11 computers per school. The term of computer preachers expired in 2013 after the expiry of the contract. Quantities were later found to be impossible after the next teachers. They managed to take care of their management. The absence of any training for teachers has been lost by the government. Without planning a plan, Millions of money has become powdered in gray. The Government has left the school with the permission of computers, and it remains the dream of poor students hoping that they will get technical education. Students were again enthused by the training of curriculum for recent teachers.

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