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Ananthapur, May 1, (
Steps have been initiated by purging welfare hospitals. Entrants in housing have dropped half of the number of students granted. Yet, in many places, the number of students is increasing and Warden's abuse of money. These impugnings have emerged in the past with the Prevention of Corruption against welfare hospitals. Biometric approaches have been introduced in the academic year of SCS hosts to prevent bogus attendance. But this approach is not yet implemented in ST and BC hostels. Even though students are less likely than those in the hostels, the government is getting an unnecessary financial burden. On the other hand, the number of lakhs of rupees is being misused every month with the registration of bogus. 26 social welfare housing units have been closed down in the 2016-17 academic year in Anantapur district. In the course of the 2017-18 school year, another 25 hostels were plying. The government is taking steps to demonstrate hostels with the prevalence of student numbers. As a part of this, the first 50 students have been closed down. 


There are 25 SC students in the 2015-16 academic year, followed by 75 students in the district and another 25 hostels in 2016-17. In the city, the SC number-3 hostel, Urekonda District constituency Displacement SC hostel, and other 18 hostels will be held in 2017-18 Mangalsam. This is a situation where students and students of weaker sections of students are completely overwhelmed during the coming days. Once again, the social welfare department with 125 hostels in the district is now going down to 56 hostels. The government has to take steps to increase student admissions. The government has already issued orders to report to district officials. The district social welfare authorities are engaged in the work of preparing reports. Students in the hostel hostels are taking steps to merge in nearby hostels and residential schools. Students of 3,4,9,10 classes will be merged into nearby hostels. Students of 5,6,7,8 classes will be merged into residential schools. There is no doubt that this decision will be implemented. Will students and parents be interested in joining residential schools with 50 to 100 km from existing hostels? There are suspicions. As a result, there are no threats to the droppouts. The officials informed the government about the details of holidays in the rented buildings and 70 students.

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