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Amravati March 16 (
 There are baseless allegations for whose interests
Pawan Kalyan behind the criticism of TDP
Telugu Desam Party Leaders, Minister Kalavenkatravu. Jana's chief's speech is a ludicrage ... Pawan did not tell what he would do to the Janasena evolution, what is the actual janasena policy? TDP president and minister kalavenkatravu questioned that the mud pudding was done on the TDP and for the purpose of making false statements for anyone. The Chief Minister has resigned from Parliament by the MPs on daily basis by resorting to the ambitions of Andhra Pradesh to allocate 18 crore guarantees in the division of law, together with all the 5 crore in the state, Pawan Kalyan, who has been criticizing the Chief Minister who is struggling with the center for state rights, is now clear about the backdrop of TP's criticism of Pawan Kalyan before reading the script written by someone else.


 Asked whether the party seeking the state party could target any center but targeted the CM family. Pawan Kalyan condemned the comments of the Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh on the grounds that it is suspected to have 5  crores of rupees to scribble to the family , Prior to Pawan's absence, the local MLAs had a majority in 120 MLA seats. Pawan and BJP have come to power with the fact that we have got 106 seats. TDP should be targeted by the state party for which 18 per cent of the dividend is in the division with the status of today, as the 5 crore Andhra is not expecting the central assistance of the new state. But yesterday's indefinite summit of the Pawan party policies without informing the people of the Senangari's family is a suspicion of 5 crore suspects. It is sad that Modi will be given the status of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. Shekhar Reddy was given the post of Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalitha. We have no connection with Sekar Reddy.
When the independence came and questioned about 145 tiensis of Rayalaseema 70 years, the water was supplied with special attention on Rayalaseema and the drought-prone areas. Chandrababu Naidu is credited with the supplying of surplus water to Rayalaseema by constructing Pattiseema. In Rayalaseema, the prestigious industries such as Kia, Fox Kan, Shiomi, Isuzi, Seelkan are coming. The minister has reminded us that the 1000 MW solar power park in Kurnool was the first in the country.
Biometric pumping in the ration was Rs.100 crores to save the economy, geotagging in house construction and preventing corruption, creating 14.5 lakh homes in the rule of the YS. The Special Task Force has been tasked to curb the red sand smuggling and saved thousands of crores of forest wealth in the state, as part of a series of measures to prevent corruption in the sand. Pawan Kalyan is not worried that the Telugu Desam government does not stop corruption. If anything can happen, we can phone 1100 call center and complain. Is it not true that the NCER report was the first state in the country in the 2003 rule of the Congress in the state, and that our government has been reduced to 13th from the top of the list by the anti-corruption struggle in 2015? Pawan Kalyan has been asked to not make any allegations.

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