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Adilabad, March 16 ( The main source of income for the Panchayats is taxes. If these are collected, they can be solved in some of the problems that are in the villages. Such was convincing people to assemble the taxes to meet people without politics. Equity taxes were collected. Many of the panchayats in the district are in the form of tax collection. The government does not release this year for such panchayats. Village administrators are waiting for when to release. In the panchayats that are struggling with problems, some are worried about the shortfall of funds.


There are 243 panchayats in Adilabad district. The creation of new districts, after the cancellation of the elderly, got taxes in the district. The collection of taxes for the panchayats that are languishing in funding have been collected. The panchayat executives in the zones affected by some of the village secretaries' short-term collections have taken up special programs to collect equity taxes. Property, Tax. Revenue for the panchayats increased with the returns of taxes and other transfers. There is no proper support of panchayat staff from district level officers due to the fact that it has been a common district and has a lot of area and gram panchayats.
 With district level officers being reduced to a small area, the district panchayat employees were in charge of a hundred thousand taxes. In the past, nothing has happened in tax collection. Despite the shortage of secretaries in villages, the program continued with the help of serpents and vidys. The state government orders and district superintendent orders .. The special initiative of Mandal and Panchayat officers, local officials and representatives of the public representatives have contributed to the participation of the people in the district of 140 panchayats in a hundred thousand tax collected. District superintendents focus on tax collection. A special drive was carried out by the public. This was achieved only through the coordination of the local authorities with the collective effort of the authorities. .
One hundred percent taxes are paid by the government and the government is giving the initiatives of the panchayats. Rs.1.97 lakhs per panchayat is being offered and promoted. In the district, 140 panchayats will have to release rewards of Rs 1.97 lakh. Will the funds come from the lack of clarity on this year's fair? There are doubts. On the other hand, the Panchayat Rule is getting closer. The serpents are looking forward to a lot of improvements with their earnings promotions. Last year's Panchayat was concentrating on the objective of one hundred and a hundred years with the same inspiration. If the government provides incentives, development programs can be taken in villages.

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