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Ananthapur, March 19, (
TDP Target on Pawan. Pannan Kalyan, who was supposed to be the man of the day, has been exaggerated and shocked by the rebellion and rumors that TDP chief Chandrababu and other leaders are not swallowed. Against this background, he is intensifying. It is clear that Janasena is contesting alone. Chandrababu has been specially focused on Ananthapuram which is now contesting Pawan. Chandrababu, who came to a decision that the current MLA is not a strong candidate in the constituency where the majority of the Kapus is going to have a strong candidate for Pawan, said TDP sources. Pawan Kalyan's comments on Lokesh, who is the leader of the TDP and the TDP leader, are keen on the comments made by the leader of the TDP. The war between the two sides is getting worse. Even Pawan's golden days are coming up now. In this background, AP politics has become a rarity. Tadipi leaders are also keen on the Pawan. Pawan is campaigning for BJP. Pawan is  plays a drama. Pawan, who has been tied with TDP for so long, has also said that the TDP leaders have been blaming Pawan for a while.


Overall, Pawan gave a clarity to one thing. He is now saying that he will tie up with the Left. He is not clear about allies with major parties. In this case, Pawan seems to have had the opportunity to contest from Anantapur as mentioned earlier. With the aim of defeating Pawan anyway, TDP chief Chandrababu is going through the foot. Prabhakar Choudhary is the TDP MLA from Anantapur constituency. Pawan's community has a total of 55,000 votes in Anantapur constituency. If Pawan comes to the scene, the votes will be split. The anti-government vote is also crucial. Besides, the current MLA, Prabhakara Choudhary, has been playing a few opposing air. In this case he issued orders to Chandrababu. The cadre suggested to increase the strength of the village at the village level. However, some believe that this time he will be replaced by the TDP's Senior Leader and MLC Payyavula Keshav of the same district to replace Pawan's rival. This is the idea of the idea. In the last minute, it seems that he can be brought in the field.

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